Hair Loss Vitamins

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Many people nowadays lead busy lifestyles so tend to eat more convenience type foods and snacks. This in turn sometimes leads people in to not consuming a fully balanced diet and as a result of this more people, particularly women, are suffering from vitamin deficiencies in their diet.

The beneficial effects of both vitamin D and B group are getting them known as hair loss vitamins.

Vitamin B12 is a fairly common deficiency found in women, and is identified by means of a blood test, as is iron deficiency. Both of these common deficiencies have been associated with hair loss in women. Along with vitamin B12 is biotin, folate, and vitamin B6 which are all associated with healthy hair growth and is beneficial to alopecia treatment. The addition of vitamin B complex in the form of a supplement is not harmful because the body will only utilise as much as it needs, and then eliminate any excess from the body.

Vitamin D is converted to a usable form within the body in the presence of sunlight, therefore sunlight is important in ensuring we get enough of this vitamin to maintain health. Research indicates that it may regulate the expression of genes which promote normal hair follicle growth. In the natural diet oily fish, and fish oils are a good source, but because it is difficult to obtain by diet alone the fortification of food stuffs, for example, fats and oils, and milk helps us to consume enough of this vitamin. A deficiency of vitamin D is associated with hair loss. Supplementation may be necessary with some people for hair restoration, but ideally a blood test should be done to identify this. There can be a problem if vitamin D is consumed in excess because it is not eliminated by the body, it is stored in the liver. Research carried out in parts of Scandinavia suggest it may actually increase the risk of developing some cancers, therefore it is important to find out if you are investigating this avenue in hair loss if there is an actual deficiency present before taking any supplementation.