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Toupees for men or partial hair wigs is more of a European way of referring to hair replacement systems, a term deriving from the USA, where they have become very important in industries such as the Hollywood film industry.

Invisi Hair also manufacture mens wigs, but this is discussed in a different section.

The new technology used in the making of the hair units means they can be integrated perfectly in to someone’s existing hair, are extremely lightweight; and fixing methods have improved so much that they can be worn off the face without being detected.

The materials used for toupees determines their cost, but there are numerous options open to the client, for information on cost refer to the hair replacement cost article. The hair used can either be synthetic, usually acrylic, or human Remy hair from various world regions (for example, India; parts of South America, or other parts of Asia such as China). It is also possible to have a mix of both synthetic and human hair. There are advantages to both types of hair. For example, grey hair shades in human hair tend to yellow and discolour after a period of time, therefore it may be advisable to have a mix of synthetic hair just for the grey shades. Human Remy however tends to maintain a lustre, looks more realistic and allows the scalp to breathe better.

Base materials used to implant the hair in are generally differing weight grades of PU (polyurethane), or a very fine lace, or combinations of both materials, depending on what the client is looking for. One of the lightest weight bases available is the Invisi
Skin technology, known as the Evolution system designed to be the finest Nano Skin available.

Fixing techniques also vary, but can be more temporary for anyone wishing to remove it at more regular intervals, or long term for an active life, in which case the client will normally receive specialist fitting and removal services using specialist products. All products used are medical grade and designed for safety, and hypoallergenic qualities on human skin. Fixing products can be found in the Invisi on-line shop. We also provide advice on how to stop hair loss and remedies for alopecia treatment.