Wigs And Hairpieces

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Invisi provide a range of undetectable wigs and hairpieces for women and men and advice on how to stop hair loss.

For the ladies we have the latest in lace fashion wigs worn by celebrities and pop stars to either enhance their own hair, or to create a completely different look.

The highest quality wigs we provide are made of 100% human Remy hair from India which maintains a fabulous lustre, and if cared for correctly using our very own argon oil products from the Invisi shop can last up to four years. The hairpieces are also made of real human hair. The range of colours offered is across the entire hair spectrum, and they are made bespoke to the customers own specifications (head measurements, colour matched to own hair colour if desired; density; wave or kink/curl; and length)

Technology used in the making of the wigs and hairpieces is the same as that of the male hair replacement systems and men’s wigs. The best quality materials are used for the bases to fix the hair to. A wide variety of options are open to our clients, from Invisi stretch skin, which ideally suits those people who may have lost all, or the majority of their head hair through disease, treatments, or autoimmune conditions; to full lace, or combination bases for those people that might not have such severe hair loss, or indeed may still have their own full head of hair, and may just want a different look.

Fixing techniques range from in-built adjusters set behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, or similarly to the replacement units, using a medical adhesive to fix the front hairline giving an invisible finish. Contoured fixing tapes are also available from the shop.

For alopecia treatment ladies hairpieces can help replace patches of hair loss, or enhance thinning areas, and as with the men’s systems will be custom made to the exact pattern of hair loss to optimise integration in to your own hair, going completely undetected.