Wigs For Women

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Hair loss is very distressing for anyone at the best of times, but for women it can be particularly so because of the emphasis made in society to represent femininity, which involves hair fashion and beautifying ourselves with makeup and accessories. Invisi Hair offer stunning celebrity wigs for women, all made from real hair.

Wigs for Women

It has been suggested recently that there has been over a 50% increase in women seeking treatment for hair loss. There are numerous reasons why this might occur cited in one of our research articles alopecia treatment, which has a section on women’s hair loss. We have provided additional information under hair transplant for women, to help women decide which treatment options are available to them according to their type of hair loss.

Even if someone is not suffering with hair loss, Invisi lace fashion wigs offer a woman the chance to get a new look in an instant. A good quality wig can last a substantial amount of time, particularly if it is interchanged with one or two other wigs, but here at Invisi we offer an excellent range of hair care products specifically designed to add back nutrients, oils and protein to real hair wigs, these can be seen in our Invisi Hair shop.

The Invisi Skin technology is not only used in our hair replacement systems, it is also used within the stretch bases of the celebrity wigs for women, designed specifically to fit perfectly on to the scalp of anyone who has experienced considerable hair loss. A lace front hairline can be included to create a completely undetectable look, allowing the person to wear it completely off the face.

A wig may be a temporary or permanent choice for hair loss. We supply a range of alternative hair regrowth treatments, guidance on how to stop hair loss as well as providing a bespoke wig service for our customers.