Hair Loss Pills

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Prescribed pills for alopecia treatment such as Finasteride have already been discussed in more detail in the section, hair loss drugs, therefore in this section it would be interesting to discuss in more detail the Invisi proprietary brand hair loss pills.

These are a natural herbal product containing a wide selection of vitamins, minerals, and herbal substances that are all known to boost the body’s immune system and encourage hair regrowth. All of the ingredients are designed to have a synergistic effect, in other words, as a whole hair loss treatment, they work together complimenting one another’s action to deliver an optimum hair restoration result for the user of the product.

The vitamins contained within the pills include, biotin; folate; vit B6; and pantothenic acid, but all of these will be discussed in more detail under the section, hair loss vitamins.

The trace minerals iodine; zinc; selenium; copper and manganese are obtained naturally in food stuffs such as fish; nuts; cereals; and green vegetables, but because some people’s diet is not properly balanced, they will have a deficiency in these particular minerals. All of these minerals are known to be beneficial for hair health and regrowth.

Both glucosamine sulphate and shark cartilage are known to act upon the white blood cells of the immune system, and research has been carried out to suggest they substantially boost and strengthen the body’s own immune system helping to repair dormant or damaged hair follicles. An added benefit is that shark cartilage also helps in the healthy maintenance of cholesterol and glucose levels. Diabetes and medication used in heart health is known to cause hair loss.

Saw Palmetto which is one of the main constituents of the hair loss pills is discussed in more detail under the section, saw palmetto hair loss, therefore, the final group of ingredients to discuss is what is known as the phytochemicals. Included in this group is green tea leaf extract; and grape seed extract which contain substances such as campesterol; beta-sitosterol all of which act on the immune system, and have been cited in important cancer research as well as having the general effect of boosting hair regrowth.