Wigs For Men

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There are a number of reasons why a person suffering with hair loss might choose a full head wig, over for instance hairpieces. If, for example, male pattern baldness has been left without treatment over a period of years,

there may be too much hair loss to blend with a hair replacement system, similarly, if there is not enough hair left on the back and sides of a man’s hair, then a hair transplant may also be ruled out. Other forms of alopecia treatment such as topical or oral products and/or LLLT may not be successful because there will be too many lost hair follicles. In this instance affordable wigs for men may be the answer.

The latest technology in wig making techniques means that they look far more realistic and undetectable with an invisible hairline than they did years ago.

The best celebrity quality wigs available are 100% human hair, which allows the scalp to breathe and remain healthy. It is possible to have all acrylic, or a mixture of human hair and acrylic wigs and to a certain extent this will determine the price. Other aspects that may determine the price are if the wig is bespoke, and the materials used on the base of the wig. To determine the best prices we have included a cost comparison table for private clinics and NHS wigs in the article, hair transplant cost.

Other reasons for people seeking full head wigs is after cancer treatments when there has been complete head hair loss, and the autoimmune disease alopecia totalis when again complete head hair is lost. A wig in this instance may be a temporary solution whilst the hair grows back.

Invisi Hair provides a range of bases for the wig, from the popular all lace base for people who may have hair under the wig, to the stretch skin wigs designed for people with considerable hair loss to fit comfortably on the scalp. We provide comprehensive treatment programmes on how to stop hair loss as well as supplying wigs for men.