Male Pattern Baldness In Women

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The causes for male pattern baldness in women are less understood than in men, because although DHT is responsible for the condition in both males and females, it appears to occur differently in women.

In women there appears to be a definitive aging related aspect. Similarly, as the woman reaches menopause there is a decline in female oestrogens, and a change in the level of androgens (male hormone), making the hair on the head go thinner, but any facial hair may go coarser.
Male Pattern Baldness In Women
As with men, (but it appears to a lesser extent), there is a familial link for some sufferers.
This means that if other members of the family have suffered from it there is an increased likelihood that the genetic link will be passed on.

The pattern of hair loss in women tends to be different to that found in males. With women, it usually begins at the hair parting which will become wider as time goes by, with eventually all the main hair loss occurring on the top and crown of the head.

The front hairline generally remains the same, and this is where it differs from male baldness. There will be a small amount of frontal hair regression but this is mainly due to aging and will happen to everyone. It very rarely progresses to total or near total baldness as it does in men.

Diagnosis for this condition in females is usually centred around ruling out other possible causes first because certain deficiencies and diseases which are more common in women will also cause hair loss of a more temporary nature. The taking of a comprehensive medical history will help to establish this, as will looking at the pattern of hair loss.

Hair loss of this nature, i.e. female pattern baldness, is permanent, but in most cases will be mild to moderate. There have been very good results with this type of hair loss using LLLT for alopecia treatment in combination with hair loss drugs, or hair loss pills.

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