Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

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There are various substances found in the large majority of shampoos found on the high street that are actually detrimental to the hair, rather than enhancing hair health and growth.

These substances may be added to preserve and extend shelf life, or to produce a good lather on the hair. So, what are the best shampoos for hair loss and hair restoration?

Ideally, it is optimal to look for shampoos that do not contain substances that are harmful to hair and general health. Some of the named substances that have this very action are:

DEA: Abbreviated form of the chemical Diethanolamine. This is a hormone disrupting chemical which forms nitrates and nitrosamines. If you consider that hair growth and health is linked to hormone balance in the body, see section on what is DHT, and, male pattern baldness in women, then it stands to reason that this is not beneficial. In addition to this the substances formed are toxic. This leads to increased allergic reaction; irritation of the skin and eyes; and drying out of the hair in general. The worst case scenario is that research indicates nitrates and nitrosamines are carcinogenic to the liver and kidney.

Parabens: These are added to many beauty products including shampoos to preserve the product, by inhibiting microbial growth. However, they are known to cause many allergic reactions and can bring about certain skin diseases such as some forms of eczema. It is known the presence of some skin diseases on the scalp can bring about hair loss, and damage to the hair follicles themselves.

SLS: Abbreviated form of the chemical Sodium Laurel Sulphate. This is a very harsh detergent, and is actually used as an engine degreaser, therefore, it stands to reason that it is not going to be good for the hair. It is the cause of many skin irritations, and is known to retard the healing process, therefore, in the presence of already damaged hair follicles (from the presence of DHT), it can only act to speed up hair loss in some people.

Many hair loss shampoos contain substances such as anti-fungal agents, but there are very few that contain DHT inhibitors. Invisi proprietary brand hair loss shampoo contains eleven active DHT inhibitors, and when used in combination with scalp and growth therapy treatments it is a particularly effective alopecia treatment. If used with a laser for hair loss, hair regrowth can be particularly good.